We look forward to hearing from you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

"When I first reached out to Carolyn I was having a lot of uncertainty about what directions I should take my career. I was starting a new chapter and a new business and to some extent felt like I was creating a new identity for myself. I felt this uncertainty but could not verbalize it and bring it to the forefront until I had a discovery session with Carolyn. Carolyn’s coaching has helped me to bring clarity and purpose behind my actions as a business owner and entrepreneur. What has been most surprising to me is that I identified perceptions, bias and prejudices that have been acting as glass ceilings and have been stopping me from achieving the results I aspire to. These things have stopped me from taking action where it need to be taken and have affected how I frame my ambitions for the future. I would recommend any career focused individual, whether they are a business owner or employee to work with Carolyn, as she can help you to break through those barriers that have put a ceiling on your potential."

Gregory Turner
Entrepreneur & Author

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