Carolyn Dickinson, a much in-demand speaker, International Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and author.  Carolyn skillfully turns her client’ passions into profits while also guiding them toward achieving balance in their high-performance lives. Carolyn has been in business for over 17 years and has become an expert at helping her clients achieve a one-pointed clarity and focus, a state of mind that leads to truly impressive results. She works closely with her clients, teaching them to cultivate a cohesive and powerful goal-oriented vision, and coaches them by developing strategies designed to enhance their businesses and their lives. 

As a mom of two young girls, and meaningfully involved in all of their many activities, Carolyn understands what it means to be busy and on the go 24/7.

Carolyn has also conceived of and managed a great many conferences, including her own “I Am The Boss” conference.

Being a business owner is never an easy path, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle either. One of the key realizations that most successful entrepreneurs all arrive at is this: “you cannot do it all yourself, and it’s okay to ask for help.”   

Carolyn’s philosophy in life is this simple but powerful motto: “anything is possible with the right mindset.”


Let’s talk NOW and set you and your business on an unstoppable path of growth. 

More about me

I had a rough start and worked through many personal challenges of learning disabilities as a child. I was told I’d never succeed. I got bullied by the other kids at my school because I was “too tall”. My path in life wasn’t always clear or easy, but I certainly didn’t let that stop me. Since then I have gone on to achieve a degree from York University in Psychology and an Early Childhood Education diploma from Centennial College.

I am also a certified Family Mediator and am the founder of SuperMom Entrepreneur, an interactive network for mompreneurs. In other words? Inspiring other women to see their potential is at the heart of everything I do.   Which then evolved into a woman’s conference I started called “I Am The Boss” Conference which ran for 5 years. 

As I continue my journey, life still gave me speed bumps, but the key is in how I choose to handle them from postpartum depression to my first daughter having a ten-month colic spell! The balance between life and business is so important as I also went on to provide   international sales training and sponsorship opportunities for various companies across the globe. I have also won awards such as Top Retailer and Top Leadership with Global Wealth Trade.

One of the biggest challenges we often have when creating the life and business we want – is that they are not clear at all and without clarity it is hard to find direction and in turn success.

I love working with entrepreneurs who want to turn their passions into profits while integrating the demands of life.

I am highly skilled in developing your entrepreneurial mindset to raise your income potential. I am also an expert at networking, sales, strategies, creating long-term relationships, and elevating others. But most importantly – I understand what you are going through and can create a strategy that works for you. 

My philosophy in life is “anything is possible when you are hungry, with the right mind set and a vision that drives you.”

If you are ready to break through barriers that have always stopped you from having the success you desire, join me and schedule a complimentary discovery session here. 


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